Through a UNDP grant, ADRF is exploring opportunities within the ADRF employment program, but also to raise awareness among other NGOs in the disability sector, to create a social enterprise as an opportunity to address a cause. social, such as employment, as well as to guarantee sustainability.

Program interventions

The project aims to increase the knowledge of disability organizations about the Law on Socially Owned Enterprises and the Law on Employment Promotion. This objective is achieved through several interventions. A study of social enterprises and NGOs in the field of disability, which are business-oriented and / or conducting an economic activity, has helped to realize a map of them. The identified and interested organizations participated in an information session on opportunities and challenges to implement the Law on Socially Owned Enterprises and the Law on Employment Promotion.;

Exploring the opportunities to transform the current employment service of the ALFRA into a social enterprise / employment agency was realized through the implementation of a feasibility study and a business plan, which describes the necessary investments, necessary resources, potential market, including growth. of potential funds from the local and international community;

Meanwhile, the project has supported FSHDPAK to continue to offer a unique employment service program for people with disabilities, which will provide:

  • Training / sessions of the employment counseling cycle, for about 120 other people with disabilities belonging to all categories of disability, working age, priority for young people, girls and women with disabilities;
  • About 60 young people with disabilities who participate in the employment counseling cycle will be mediated to find and receive an internship and / or employment; participants in this cycle are also helped to participate in vocational training and training courses; ongoing support even during the period when they are employed;
  • About 100 public and private entities will receive ongoing information, guidance / advice / training on issues related to the employment of people with disabilities, especially on reasonable accommodation issues;

Counseling / training services will be provided on an ongoing basis to parents and other family members of people with disabilities.;