Monitoring Report “Guaranteeing access to justice for the disabled persons in the Albanian legal framework”

Guidelines “Guaranteeing the accessibility in the information in the justice system institutions for persons with disabilities”

Guidelines “The Right to Vote for persons with psychosocial problems: History, Obstacles and Possible Solutions”.

Guidelines “Independent Life and Community Inclusion”

Factsheet 1, “Supported Decision Making”

Factsheet 2, “Supported Decision Making”

Leaflet in easy read “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities”

Report “Removal of the legal capacity to act of persons with disabilities”

Informative Bulletin, 1, 2019

Informative Bulletin, 2, 2019

Legal Package on Disabilities

Legal Package on Disabilities (Appendix)

Monitoring Report “The Right of Information and Consultation with Disabled Persons”

Monitoring Report “Implementation of Accessibility for the Disabled Persons”

Guidelines for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Study “Employers, Persons with Disabilities and the Law on Protection against Discrimination”

Monitoring Report “Implementation of the Law on Protection against Discrimination in the Field of Disabilities”

Guidelines on the Housing Programs

Guidelines on the Application to the Medical Commissions for Determining the Ability to Work, Evaluation Commissions for the Disabled Persons and the Blindness Commission

Guidelines on the Legislation for the Establishment of Barrier-Free Environment for the Disabled Persons

Guidelines on the Law on the Protection against Discrimination, 10 221, Dated 04.02.2010

Overview of the Reasonable Accomodation. Principles and Practices. Challenges of Implementation in the Albanian Reality

Guidelines on the Status of Labour Invalids

Guidelines on the Right to Education

Guidelines on the Right to Employment