Training for the Provision of Wheelchair Service of the Basic Type of Wheelchair

To extend the service of providing wheelchairs throughout the country, the ADRF with the support of USAID and followed later by LDS in cooperation with the Regional Offices of the State Social Services, has initiated and continues to develop the training of social administrators in all regions of the country who are trained and certified to perform this service in the respective regions. Participants in the training gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the service of providing wheelchairs.

Training for the Provision of Wheelchair Service, for Special Wheelchairs.

ADRF staff is trained by international experts to provide this specialized service. The service of providing special wheelchairs, being a service that requires advanced skills, is currently provided only by the staff of ADRF who is certified for this service by the international organization (USAID and LDS).

Training for Wheelchair Use and Maintenance by Beneficiaries and Family Members

Part of the process of providing wheelchair service is the training of beneficiaries or their family members on the use and maintenance of a wheelchair. Their training is carried out by the specialized ADRF staff. They provide disabled individuals and their family members with written information (wheelchair use and maintenance manual) as well as a demonstration session on how to use and maintain a wheelchair with each of them.

Over the years, ADRF has provided the training for new wheelchair users through the organizing of Active Rehabilitation Camps on "Independent Living Skills" that have had as their main goal the training of new wheelchair users, equipped with this device by ADRF, as well as their family members to gain practical skills for using wheelchairs by contributing to their independence in life. This activity for wheelchair users and their family members is not only a training activity but also an opportunity to relax in a relaxing environment, as well as to participate in social and sports activities. This activity is based on the philosophy "Wheelchair users teach other wheelchair users about the practical skills of independent living".  Such activities have been organized by the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation for years, since 1996, initially being trained by Motivation UK and Motivation, Rumania, thanks to the financial support of various donors such as OXFAM GB, Novib - Netherlands, USAID, Vodafone Albania Foundation, Assist Impact.