From May 2022, ADRF is working to implement the project “Inform and empower persons with disabilities to claim and receive social care services”. This project is implemented under “Leave no one behind 2” program of UNDP, financed by the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency.

Albanian Disability Rights Foundation &National Agency for Employment and Skills together with the Municipality of Tirana are implementing the project ”Advance Social and Labour Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities”, that will be run for 26 months through the financial support of the European Union in Albania.

As part of the Joint United Nations Program “Noone Left Behind” ADRF is implementing a project that aims to ensure that the members of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for “An Environment Accessible to All” are well-coordinated and guided for the successful implementation, monitoring and reporting of the Three-Year Accessibility Plan to contribute in the removal of the barriers for persons with disabilities, for their social inclusion in the life of the country.

ADRF in partnership with the National Federation of Associations of Persons with Physical Disabilities(MEOSZ) in Hungary, the association Quip from the Czech Republic and Association Institute for Independent Living in Poland is  implementing the project “ Network for equal recognition before law of persons with disabilities in Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland”.

Since April 2029, FSHDPAK is implementing the project "Community Policing and Limited Ability - Partnership for Inclusion", with the support of FCG Swedish Development AB / PMT and through funding from the Swedish Government. The initiative aims to improve relations and foster cooperation between the State Police and the community of people with disabilities, to ensure access and inclusion.

Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF) with the financial support of UNDP / Austrian Development Agency (ADA) offers free legal aid to the Fier District Court for:

Since 1996 Albanian Disability Rights Foundation  (ADRF) continues to provide wheelchair service to people with disabilities throughout the country. Persons with disabilities have benefited from this service since 2017 and onwards thanks to the support of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection through the Tirana Region.

The project "Strengthening the Capacities of Civil Society for the Implementation of the Rights of People with Disabilities in Albania" supported by the European Union which is being implemented in partnership by the organizations World Vision Albania (WVA), Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF) and the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (MEDPAK) aims to create and strengthen networks of civil society organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities and individuals with disabilities in the regions. Berat, Korça, Lezhë and Dibër in order to train them to play an active role such as; (1) observers of the implementation of policies and legal framework at central and local level; (2) active decision-making participants when policies are drafted and disability budgets are planned; (3) lobbyists and defenders of the rights of persons with disabilities when these rights are not guaranteed or violated.

In January 2020, ADRF began implementing a one-year project focusing on Equality, Non-Discrimination and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities through Self-Advocacy, which extends to four municipalities, Tirana, Elbasan, Shkodra and Vlora.

Since December 2017, through the project "Empowering People with Disabilities through Information and Awareness", ADRF, with the support and cooperation of UNDP is working to empower people with disabilities in the municipalities of Debar, Ura Vajgurore and Përmet , in order for them to REQUEST and TAKE IT/ BENEFIT THE RIGHT SOCIAL SERVICES by the local authorities, thus contributing to their social inclusion. This project is being implemented under the “Leave No One Behind” program - a United Nations Joint Program, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

Through a UNDP grant, ADRF is exploring opportunities within the ADRF employment program, but also to raise awareness among other NGOs in the disability sector, to create a social enterprise as an opportunity to address a cause. social, such as employment, as well as to guarantee sustainability.