With the support of the United States Agency for International Development, from October 2010 to November 2019, the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation, implemented the project "Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Albania", as one of the most comprehensive projects in the field of employment of persons with disabilities in Albania.

SLID “Social and labour Integration of the Disabled people” is a project implemented by 11 partners, under the IPA-Adriatic - Cross-Border Cooperation Program, in the Adriatic basin countries, and included Croatia, Italy, BiH, Montenegro and Albania.

With the support of Renovabis, ADRF worked throughout 2015 to design an assessment tool based on strengths/abilities, focusing on identifying functions and needs for self-support and education, towards a successful work experience for persons with disabilities. 

In the framework of the implementation of the Albvet Project component on Social Inclusion, the Swiss Contact discussed Swiss approach/model of the “Coaching for Employment Counselling Cycle, C4E” with ADRF and the latter considered it very useful and necessary to promote and facilitate the process of social inclusion of excluded groups, including persons with disabilities, through vocational training and employment. ADRF responded positively to the invitation to be included in the program.

The Albanian Disability Rights Foundation with the support of the Vodafone Foundation Albania successfully completed the implementation of the project "Employment and Vocational Training of Persons with Disabilities".