ADRF has managed the "Mirësia" factory since 1996.  It is a factory that offers wheelchairs and wheelchair supportive services for all group ages and categories of persons with disabilities persons with disabilities, meeting their needs throughout the country. The wheelchair delivery service is based on the process of assessing the specific needs, both physical and health ones, of individuals who are equipped with this mobility means. The evaluation carried out according to WHO standards enable the ADRF specialists to fit the wheelchair following the specifics of each individual with disabilities. The program staff has been continuously trained by international experts on the wheelchair delivery service under the WHO standards for this type of service. They train people with disabilities and their families about the basic skills of wheelchair usage and wheelchair maintenance. The ADRF provides this service in close cooperation with state structures, responsible for delivering services to groups in need. The provision of wheelchair and wheelchair services enables persons with disabilities to have independent access to vital services, making this service a prerequisite for their integration into the community.