Albanian Disability Rights Foundation (ADRF) with the financial support of UNDP / Austrian Development Agency (ADA) offers free legal aid to the Fier District Court for:

  • Communities in need and disadvantaged (in difficult economic and social conditions)
  • National minority communities (Roma, Egyptian, etc.)
  • Religious communities
  • LGBTI community
  • Victims of gender-based violence and domestic violence
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Residents in social or rehabilitation centers, health centers (hospitals), nursing homes, or detention or detention facilities.
  • Lonely seniors
  • Minors in need


  • Providing information regarding the constitutional and legal framework of the Republic of Albania;
  • Providing assistance in drafting and supplementing requests, applications, forms, complaints, administrative complaints, requesting lawsuits, appeals, etc .;
  • Providing legal advice on legal issues of civil, criminal, administrative, family nature, etc .;
  • Providing information about the rights and obligations of individuals, as well as the exercise of these rights, in the administrative or judicial process;
  • Providing legal advice on alternative legal remedies
  • Providing all other forms of necessary legal support, including legal education to the public.


Qendra “Për ndihmë ligjore falas” 
Adresa: Gjykata e Rrethit Gjyqësor Fier 
Nr. Telefoni:   0699169196; 0694653032;  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.