As part of the Joint United Nations Program “Noone Left Behind” ADRF is implementing a project that aims to ensure that the members of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for “An Environment Accessible to All” are well-coordinated and guided for the successful implementation, monitoring and reporting of the Three-Year Accessibility Plan to contribute in the removal of the barriers for persons with disabilities, for their social inclusion in the life of the country. 

Interventions of ADRF are comprehensive: (a) Support for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to further detail the Action Plan with specific activities, responsible institutions, specific indicators and deadlines; (b) Coordination in close cooperation with MHSW, of the work of the members of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group, to collect from the line ministries, institutions, proposals for the amendment of the current legislation related to accessibility, standards and regulations, as well as for the beginning of the work in their drafting; (c) Assistance to Permet municipalities (Small Size Municipality), Pogradec (Medium Size Municipality) and Lezha (Large Size Municipality) to analyse the situation of accessibility in the public spaces and buildings, in their respective territories, and to develop local action plans related to accessibility, through a participation process; (d) Organization in cooperation with the municipalities and MHSW, of an activity to launch the accessibility plans; (e) Establishment and enhancement in three selected municipalities, of networks with interested parties at the local level, through the organization of the Open and Mentoring Days, to draft and develop activities raising the awareness for the local governance institutions, civil society inclusive of those organizations dealing with the persons with disabilities, professionals in the field of construction, information and technology, businesses and the wider public, as well as to monitor, evaluate and report the implementation of the local action plans on accessibility; (f) Support in each of the three selected municipalities, of the network composed of interested local parties to produce and broadcast a TV advert promoting the accessibility issues; (g) Support for the network composed of interested parties at the local level, to monitor the implementation of the local plan on accessibility, including the recommendations for changes in the current practices related to accessibility, policies, legislation and regulatory framework.