From May 2022, ADRF is working to implement the project “Inform and empower persons with disabilities to claim and receive social care services”. This project is implemented under “Leave no one behind 2” program of UNDP, financed by the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency. 

The project aims to empower persons with disabilities, especially those living in remote and rural areas, in the municipalities of Rrogozhina, Divjake, Patos, Kruje, Kamez to speak up for themselves and constantly engage in decision-making processes resulting to a better access to quality services for themselves and their family members. Meanwhile it intends to strengthen the capacities of multidisciplinary disability assessment commissions in five regions where they are set up Durres, Elbasan, Lezhe, Korce and Vlore, on assessing the needs of PwD for mobility devices and subsequently ensuring their provision.

Project interventions will result in: 1.7500 persons with disabilities living in 5 project targeted districts informed on social services, through social media or printed and audio-visual materials ; 2. Upgraded and updated ADRF data bank of information with information focused on social care services; 3. Round 480 persons with disabilities and their family members in the 5 targeted municipalities, outreaching those in remote and rural areas, empowered to claim their rights through information sessions in 60 administrative units or villages; 4. At least 5 community based groups/ networks of DPOs and activists with disabilities (one in each of the targeted municipalities), involving round 40 individuals, set up and capacitated to engage in information, awareness raising, lobbing, advocacy activities and in a sustained dialogue on local decision making related to the access of persons with disabilities and their family members to quality public services; 5.The forum of the group of interest in each municipality, engage in formal discussions with the municipal authorities to raise and address at least 3 identified issues; 6. Round 100 staff/members of 5 targeted regional multidisciplinary disability assessment commissions in Lezhe, Durres, Elbasan, Korca and Vlora being strengthened their capacity to assess and refer and subsequently provide persons in need with the wheelchair service; 7. Round 500 persons in need of wheelchairs in the targeted regions receiving the wheelchair service based on the assessment and referral conducted by the staff of the trained multidisciplinary disability assessment commissions.