ADRF is implementing a Democracy Commission Small Grant initiative, supported by US Embassy in Albania, that will focus primarily on employers, equipping them with legal knowledge and tools to make job profiles and make appropriate accommodation of candidates with disabilities thus supporting them to comply with the quota obligation of employment of PWD. It will be and individual/ tailored made support for each of the 50 employers targeted.

An external expert, supported by ADRF project staff will offer on the ground expertise to the human resources/ recruitment department in each of the 50 potential employers, to analyze job posts and create job profiles for potential job seekers with disabilities. A data base of potential employers and with potential available job posts appropriate for persons with disabilities will be created.

A mentoring day will be planned with these employers to enable proper matching of potential employees, but also to improve employers and their staff attitudes in embracing diversity, and meanwhile give an opportunity for a work experience and increase of motivation of jobseekers with disabilities.

Employers from the public and private sector in two targeted regions Tirana and Shkodra, will be engaged alongside with all stakeholders in business and disability forum, to share success stories, job posts, challenges and supportive mechanisms (legal, institutional) in place or to be built (discussion panels, videos mainly with opinions of employees, job fair for employment of PWD).