The ratification by the Albanian state of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has created new obligations for the Albanian Government in terms of legal changes, administrative practices, access to disability, standards of a higher level of protection of the rights to a better quality of life for people with disabilities. Despite the fact that the legislative framework has undergone some improvements over the years, it is important to keep in mind that legal obligations belong to all levels of government, including local government. In order for these approaches and concepts to be implemented at the local level, a concretization and decomposition of them into concrete plans and measures is required, so that they are tangible in specific units of local government. For this purpose, ADRF has encouraged and at the same time provided technical expertise in drafting Local Plans for Disability in some Municipalities. The purpose of the Local Plans is to help the Municipalities implement the obligations deriving from the KDPAK and other legal and sub-legal acts approved by the Albanian Government. The drafting of local plans is based on the principles of the KDPAK: (a) respect for dignity, individual autonomy, including the freedom to make personal choices, and the independence of the individual; (b) non-discrimination; (c) full and effective participation and involvement in society; (d) respect for the change and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of human diversity and humanism; (e) equal opportunities; (f) and accessibility. Local plans provide: (a) providing a complete framework of the current situation of persons with disabilities at the local level (in the respective municipality); (b) identifying and focusing on key areas to address existing problems and challenges; (c) objectives and measures with achievable results at the local level; (d) informing and raising awareness of the local administration and the community.